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As you may have noticed I’m a little slack with the blog posting.  This is nothing new as I’ve always had issues with consistent blogging.  I think it stems from my general fear of commitment and overall insecurity–“does anyone really want to read my opinions on anything?”  But I love sharing information so I hope you make time to visit the Hack Library School  blog, “by for and about library school students”.

The entry “In Defense of Online LIS Education” was written by my SLIS-mate, Rose L. Chou.  We were Social Media Managers for the LISSTEN group during 2010-2011.

(LISSTEN was an acronym for Library & Information Science Students To Encourage Networking.  The group recently merged with the Alumni Association to form SLISConnect. )

Since many of you are new to the online learning environment I’d like you to read her post and let me know what you think.  You may feel it’s too early to post an opinion about something you’re experiencing for the first time, but I’m genuinely interested!  I was aware of the negative perceptions when I first began my program in 2008, but that didn’t discourage me.  I felt it was up to me to counter that negativity (and snobbery) by praising the SJSU-SLIS program to anyone who would listen.

I hope all is well and you’re enjoying your classes!


Welcome Newbies!

I’m Toni Rodriguez and I’ll be your Peer Mentor for LIBR 203 at SLIS. We’re going to learn about D2L, social networking, and all the fantastic resources available to you.

We’ll be taking this trip together, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you have about the course, the program in general, or the library profession.

I’m a prisoner of Powerpoint, so here’s some brief information about me:

* I live in the Los Angeles area.
* I started my program in Fall 2008.
* I worked full-time and took 2 classes per semester, plus one summer class.
* I didn’t go into this program knowing exactly what I wanted to do, only that I knew this was the ideal profession for me. Finding one’s niche can take a very long time!
* I was in the first crop of new students to take LIBR203 and tech tools have changed dramatically since August 2008.
* I’ve loved everything about the SLIS program–my classes, supportive classmates, certain instructors that inspired me to learn more, and the opportunity to join professional associations as a student. Take advantage of those student rates!